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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1Achmed1, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Wazz up forum,
    I have decided to start to work on the anticipated server forums. I'm working on smp1 right now, but I'm using my iPod, so my choices are limited. I have released the smp1 forums site, but it's not done yet, so just hang in there. The builder platform I'm using is a Webs free sub domain. If the admins give me like $120 then I will buy the domains. Each domain will come with 5 email addresses under the sites name. Until I. An get on my CPU, all I can do is post here and maybe start on the smp2 forums. I use smp7, so I will be on those forums the most. I've set it up so that I have to invite people to the site so that people on smp1 can't get on the smp2 forums. I can create ranks so all Admins will automatically get the highest rank.i am working on making a post for this on http://minecraftforum.net/[url]
  2. Wait, are you allowed to do this? Did you get permissions from Justin or Jeremy? I'm a bit confused...
  3. Yeah no.. It's not needed mate.
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  4. I've asked Justin for his late approval.
  5. I appreciate the effort and the desire to help but I don't see what providing more forums outside of our great website would do
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  6. Read ur PM's
  7. im sure he gets TONS of pms so it would most likely take some time to reply to them
  8. He already has:)