Smp1 Res Number 1161: The Skaian Market

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  1. Herro Friends,

    Today, or tonight, whenever you read this, you will find out that I have a shopping mall, which is undergoing construction. Most of its complete, actually, its just in order to make a shopping mall. you need to make it large, and though mine is already large, i will have to make it larger. Hehe :3
    Though the shopping mall will be up and operating within a few days (as of 6/2/2012). Basically, you will be able to own your own shop, whether you are from smp1 or not, or you can own a vending machine etc...

    Here Are Prices (Which can change)
    To Reserve A Spot: +25r
    To Own A Spot: 100r per week
    Vending Machine Reservation: +5r
    To Own Vending Machine: 35r per week

    Comment below for a spot, BUT NOT YET
    I will edit this message saying when you can reserve, as I am still renovating the building :)

    Tell Me if these prices are too low or too high :)
    :) I hope you guys enjoy it :) I am also working on a Carnival In the sky :)
    It is in the teleport room O: