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  1. Hello fellow EMC players. Today I have a creation to share with you, so let's jump to the point.

    I built a Redstone Museum, educating new players and old alike on how to use that red dust that powers pretty much everything. Right now, it's totally free for entry (yay!) so people can check it out and provide constructive criticism. Once the museum is finished, it will most likely cost something around 250r for entry.

    I also sell "Premium Passes" for this museum at 1000r each that allow you to access the museum forever, for free, and use special Premium-only features (like quick-teleports). These are sometimes given away for free, but if you want one, your best bet is to buy one.

    The museum isn't finished yet - not even close! - but construction is underway, and a fair-sized chunk of it is already complete, providing you guys with a preview of how the museum will look once finished. I'd greatly appreciate any constructive criticism I can get, because it's very useful.

    Oh! Almost forgot the most important parts: the details! The museum can be found at /visit 2223 on smp1. It's open while under construction, of course.

    And funding... Well, I've got a lot of funding (700k+), but if you want to make a donation of items or rupees, be my guest. You'll get on the donators wall and whatever. (note: Red Stained clay is low on supply, more valuable than rupees)

    tl;dr: Redstone Museum at 2223 is under construction, need constructive criticism. Buy Premium Passes that allow unlimited entry. Free for entry right now, will be 250r in the future. Fair-sized chunk complete. Donate items/rupees and get on the Donator wall.
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