SMP1 -Red Bedrock Hotel & Casino

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  1. The Red Bedrock Hotel & casino is about to begin construction on SMP1. I will, however, need your donations to make this hotel work out. My plan is to make a small but attractive lobby, that will teleport you to the upstairs or downstairs.

    The top rupee donator will get a room that has more storage areas and is much more attractive than any other room, and they will keep it forever.

    [Picture will be inserted here once construction begins]

    [Donator board]
  2. Gosh darnit, I ment for this to be in the community creations thread. Can a moderator please move it?
  3. Awesome! Will contribute!
  4. Sounds awesome Soulpunisher! I cannot wait to see pics!
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  5. Thank you :)
  6. I might donate. And do you need any building/design help? If so I can try.
  7. I'll donate 500r to this just until I see a bit more progress :)