SMP1 Public Snow Generator

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  1. Hi all.

    As I need loads of snow for my building, I decided to make a Snow generator. But whilst it's there, why not have everyone profit from it? Without further ado, let me present to you, SMP1's public snowgen!

    It is located North of the South outpost, on the border with the safezone. Just walk Northeast and you will stumble upon a small stone shack with a wooden door. The exact coordinates are X:-9937 Y:-101.

    Now, I've put some time and resources into this, so please:

    -Close the door when inside. Zombies and Creepers can walk in the safezone, and it would be a shame if one kills you when inside.
    -Don't destroy the generator or kill the Snow Golem. Although I have no way of checking, just be considerate and leave it as is. Just bring a shovel and hit the corners of the platform.

    I do have plans on expanding in the future, with 6 Golem stations and improved security, which will include an iron door and some opening mechanism, along with a monster detector around the exit.

    As for now, enjoy the snow.
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