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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by techguy2727, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Hey All!
    I was gone for a while, and when I cam back my res was gone. I have started over and I am taking any ideas on what I should turn my res into.
  2. A monument to me (and toast).
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  3. Nope.Avi
    What ever floats your boat.
  4. I might consider a monument to toast, but my little pony isnt my thing... You could always ask my 7 year old daughter though;)
  5. Your profile says you are 17. You weren't supervised very well as a child were you?

    If you decide to do a giant toaster, I'd like to see some toast pop up out of the top.
  6. A nice vacation house with a pool and garden :)
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  7. My profile lied, I shouldn't have trusted my son (who claimed to be a minecraft expert) with setting up my account. I was laughing at your comment for a while though Pab10S
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  8. Unfortunately, I dont earn 1,300r a day and probably dont have enough rupees to buy the resources for a house.:(
  9. To be honest, the fact you didn't answer that sarcastically is impressive (I'm not complaining). As for an actual suggestion, build a nature park.
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  10. Thanks for the suggestion, and I might do that, but what are some good and easy money makers?
  11. Also, I like originality FYI
  12. A castle made of diamonds, gold, iron, lapis, emeralds, and beacons.
  13. Ha! I wish. I have like 50r right now... BUT HEY I CAN DREAM