SMP1 Price Comparison Area!

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  1. Res Address Number: 1124

    This will open if i accumulate enough adverts to make the area function properly, so I realise that there are no shops advertised here atm.
    What is this?
    This is basically a place where shopkeepers on smp1 can advertise each item they sell individually to customers. Instead of being a long list of shops, the customer can see a list of shops that sell each item that they are wanting to buy, and the item's price in each shop.

    How to use this service (customers):

    This service is free to customers, it's the shopkeepers that all the price stuff below applies to :)
    • Visit 1124 on smp1
    • Check which category the item you want is sold in, and then locate the item's wool noticeboard within that category (It's all colour coded, don't worry... ).
    • Decide which shop to go with, and visit it (the res number's on the noticeboard)
    If that made no sense, have a look at the picture:

    This is an example of a wool noticeboard (each item covered by the service has it's own one):


    How to advertise your shop here:
    • Decide which items from your shop you want to advertise
    • Visit 1124 and check the "Price code" (the red number on third line of the central sign) for each item (not all items are covered at the moment sorry).
    The price code divides items of different monetary values into categories so each category has a different pride to advertise (eg diamonds are more expensive to advertise than seeds).
    • Use this thread to find the cost to advertise each item per week (see below)
    • Send me a private message on this website, telling me which items you want advertising, how many weeks for and how much you think it will cost, as well as your residence number, price for each item and shop name.
    • I'll confirm your request next time i'm online.
    Note that there's only a certain amount of space on every noticeboard, so it's first come first serve!
    • Pay me the small fee, and inbox me to tell me this, at which point I will put your sign(s) up for the time period that you payed for.
    Prices: May be subject to change, please check before asking to advertise here!

    Price Codes.png

    • I realise that my explanation above wasn't amazing, but if you just try and follow it, you'll realise that it's (mainly) common sense...
    • This is an experiment! It probably won't work, I realise this. I have done no testing of this system, so there will be flaws. If you feel you have come off badly because of a flaw in this system, please bring it up with me, and if I agree, I will do my best to sort it out.
    • If you have any suggestions on how to improve this service, please inbox me with them!
    • I unfortunately cannot guarantee that any shop will be in stock with this particular item.
    If this idea works, then I will keep this first post updated and edited as a reference guide for the service. I will make any edits clear.