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Is this a good idea?

YEAH! 9 vote(s) 64.3%
NO! 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Batman is awesome! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. So the past few days I've been thinking. All these servers have cool outposts in the wild with lots of members... except SMP1. So I have decided to create an SMP1 outpost not only to create a place for people to go to while mining/adventuring, but also to maybe encourage more people to adventure into the wild (This is a Survival based server after all). So What I am asking in this thread I guess is if people thought this was a good idea and if it should be put into action, or not. I will be accepting 1-2 helpers to build this, however I do not currently have the funds to pay anyone. I will accept no more then two builders right now to lower the chances of griefers. Thank you and please post feedback below.
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  2. Well, i think it takes a lot of people to make a village- does 3 have one I'm not sure...
  3. I love how people are all taking zulu's idea and putting their own spin on it! Its great to see members joining forces to make something huge, and great, like outposts!
    As I am the founder of smp6's Paradise Point Outpost, here are some tips, which I am sure any other outpost staff member would give you too.
    - Set up a couple of housing complexes; they need to have all the basics for somebody, like a bed, chests and a furnace.
    - When finding the area to settle in at, make sure it is very far out from spawn; PPO is a 25min walk IRL!
    - Make the area natural, so you have that feeling that you're conserving the materials around you like trees. When going wood-chopping, or mining, always walk out further from your outpost to avoid funny shaped trees and such.
    - When you're done, make a deal with members of your outpost, PPO agrees to one double-chest lock FREE to every member.
    - Don't be a Bear Grylls, always make trips back to town to sell/gather needed materials. Your diamonds won't get there on their own.
    - Promote the outpost amongst friends, never in town chat though. People will get suspicious and follow you out, and NOBODY likes uninvited guests.
    - Make stalls, for food, equipment, and building blocks. This is so your new members can take the basics to build their homes.

    I wish you the best of luck,
    Madison and the crew from Paradise Point Outpost.
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  4. Thanks for the advice, however bear grylls is cool.
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  5. Is the outpost like the utopia slime farm clan?
  6. Haha, lol.
  7. Ummmm I've never been there so I'm not really sure. It would really just be somewhere to stock up on supplies and store your items until you decide to go back to town. There would also be a good supply or ores since it would have to be waaaay past the "grief" zone.
  8. Okay. That sounds like the utopia slime clan.
  9. Me too! I was away for a few days and see all this new "smpX outpost" threads. Love it.
    Also don't be afraid to "copy" or "steal". The LLO was built on openness and sharing.
    So go an spawn outposts all over the wild. Even on smp7 there is still lot's of space. We can have embassies and report griefers to each other, maybe even make the PRAs safer and nicer. If we have outposts like LLO in the wild everywhere it would make the EMC even better.
  10. PS:
    And of course each of those can live by their own rules. As the new projects already do. Let's throw every idea to the wall and see what sticks :)