Smp1-Need Storage Space

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  1. So I am planning to revamp my res in to a villager kingdom.
    To do this, I will have to reset it. However, all of the things I have stored in chests will be deleted.
    I have no where to store them(vault won't fit all)
    So I am looking for someone TRUSTWORTHY to help me store them and let me access them when needed.
    Yes, I will pay rupees to store my stuff, up to 4000r a month.
    I will take pictures of my chests to make sure nothing is missing.
    Thank you.
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  2. I'm pretty sure bussgil can help you out. Contact him
  3. I could set you up with some storage on /v 203, you can ask around that I've never scammed anyone :)
  4. Ok I'll take a look.
  5. 203 is kinda my farming res where I have all my farms/generators and such. If you wanted I could rent you some storage on the opposite side of the beacons.
  6. I can set you up on my main res if you havn't already got yourself sorted. Drop me a convo if you like...
  7. I got some space. pm me and we can talk ;)