smp1 need a job done... (dirt digging) full res you choose what you get i take the lowest bid!

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  1. Im on smp1 and i need alot of dirt diggin you choose ya price i take the lowest bid!
  2. Who will do it for 3000r ?
  3. FTR - 60x60x62 = 223,200 dirt / 1562 (number of 'hits' a diamond shovel provides) = 143 (rounded up) Diamond Shovels.

    On a good day it takes me just under 2 mins to do a 2x2 column = 248.

    223,200 / 248 = 900 x 2 mins = 1800 mins or 30 hrs non stop digging.

    Food for thought.
  4. How deep?
  5. diggin out your res once gave you alot of info huh?
  6. i needs all gone :s but if its so much diamond pickaxes.....
    can you do it with stone shovels? i can get you alot of that :)

    if its to much work i will help diggin ;)
  7. Assume you meant shovels not picks. 1/3 less diamonds...

    Stone works - you would need 1691 Stone shovels. Enjoy :)

    Think carefully before digging... If your plan is a big pit great... if you just want space... its best to dig as you go.
  8. can you do it?....
  9. Who will do it for 64 diamonds?
    Ill help dig!
  10. Who will do it for 64 diamonds?
    Ill help dig!
  11. I have used zSlumDog he is on server 1 and i can vouche for him being fast and fair price.
  12. Can u contact him for me?