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  1. I was in the frontier of Smp1 and I saw a momentus. I called in my friends Zegridathes and palledk2 for backup while I ran to town to grab some Zombie Viruses. He spawned in water near a desert temple, so his enraged zombie sidekicks weren't very effective. it took us 20 minutes and many respawns, but momentus fell to my Blade. The battle wasn't over yet though, there were at least 30 Enraged Zombies Between me and the highway back to spawn. We tore through the zombies, then we ran into a group of enraged skeles and enraged creepers having a siesta. that was a tough fight, zeg and palledk2 died, but I sliced the last creeper with 2 hearts left.
  2. Congratulations..? Did you get anything good from Momentus?
  3. 13 diamonds, 20 shiny flesh, 2 zombie heads
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  4. no toothpick :(
  5. When then you technically won that :p

    Nice loot.

    EDIT: That's still pretty decent even though there was no toothpick :)
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  6. there is still a lot of mobs out there, im headed back now to clean out the area
  7. Panda went digging sand in the wastelands, and was stopped by Momentus, and had to defeat it if she was to gather sand. Apparently, it was going to take forever for her to defeat that thing, so I stopped the game I was playing and came in to help her. When we finally took the giant down, I sacrificed myself and distracted the enraged zombies, so Panda could get the loot. Apparently, the loot wasn't so grand... you apparently got lucky and got some worthy things! We only got 51 rotten flesh, and 13 shiny flesh. We didn't get any diamonds or tooth picks, just flesh. But we continued what we were doing. BTW, this was yesterday! Hopefully everyone will have their own Momentus story! :D
  8. I thought we got a zombie head too! And btw Wildman, nice loot! And congratz!
  9. Oh! YA! I forgot, we got a zombie head from the Momentus, and another zombie head from the enraged minions. :)
  10. place is a mob hunter's dream location. first desert south of center spawn of smp1 frontier. so many enraged spawns there
  11. Is there a trick to fighting him? Or does it just take a lot of cajones? I have one that is seemingly permanently posted up right next to my castle in the wilderness and I havent been able to build more there for weeks because of it. =/
  12. Momentus moves very slow, if at all. Pound him with an infinity bow if you have one from around 50 meters away.
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  13. I used a power v bow, and a smite IV sword for the majority of the battle. Right before he died i switched to a Sharp V looting II sword. I kept using zombie viruses so i was basically invincible while i fought.
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  14. or call a friend like me who will kill him for you :D
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  15. If you use a bow continuasly he will "draw you in" which basically teleports you to him and his herd of enraged zombie pals, the only surefire way of killing him that i know of is drink zombie viruses
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  16. I read in another thread something about he can't swim. He's actually standing in, or right next to my moat which is right next to a lake. I assume this will give me a better chance at taking him down?

    edit: better if I approach him from the lake, I mean
  17. Try to shoot him into the lake with a punch 2 bow. He is normally so slow and water slows him even more making him nearly still, but he can still swim.
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  18. I've helped a couple of people who had requested help to kill him, and so I did. Both times Not a single diamond was dropped, nor toothpick. A couple of heads and 2-4 diamonds came from the enraged zombies, and maybe 17 shiny stuff total.
    He has a tough time getting out of water, especially when you don't even try to back away from it. , stay a good distance away with a bow, and you can knock him towards the lake if he isn't already stuck. Do not approach him too quickly if you don't like getting sucked into the fun :)
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  19. The water also makes the enraged zombies alot less deadly
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  20. Wait, what does zombie virus's do to help you?