smp1 mega shop?

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  1. So I have been on smp1 for almost 50 days now and have yet to find a good mega shop that sells everything, so does anyone know of any one smp1.
  2. Mine Exchange is being built still. I just recently joined into a collaboration with a good friend, thus we will be opening sooner than planned, and shares will be sold sooner than planned. The SMP1 Economic Epicenter is just waiting....
  3. I cant wait till I can just go one stop shopping but for the time I just use kell's place to get my stuff.
  4. Well.. just around the corner you got 4005, 3043, 3882, 3456 on SMP2 :)
  5. I'M FAMOUS :D
    [edit] You forgot krysyy, though.
  6. randomzh?
  7. SMP1 XL-Store opened yesterday.

    /v 1783
  8. DAZ COZ I FORGOTZ REZ NUMBERZ. Lol, was it 3553?
  9. Yesh.
  10. I Win.