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    Hello All I have just started my new bank, the services I will providing are as follows: Loans, Savings , Vault services , Pawn brokerage.

    Please read on to find out more about each service and the rules and stipulations surround each one. Please do Contact me in game until you have read the whole thread and filled in the required forms.


    I will be providing loans up to a maximum of 500R at a interest rate of 10% per week (50r)
    At the current time (until my bank grows) I will be limiting loans to 5 people at a time..

    1. You must have been playing on empireminecraft for at least a month
    2. You must have promise to pay me back including interest.
    3. Failure to pay me back will result in your loan agreement being forwarded to a moderator and a report being made..
    after 3 successful loans (taken and then paid back in full) I will raise you loan limit to 1500R

    Please fill in the below form to request a loan..


    I will be offering %5 interest on your savings in my bank per month... the more you deposit the more you can earn,

    I setup a room in the vault with a chest buying dirt 1 for 100r, where you can visit to get out your money at any time even if im offline, people who open a savings account also get a free double chest in the secure pin code locked vault. please contact me if you wish to open a savings account.

    My promise to you.

    I promise to release your fund back to you when ever you request your money back.
    MY bank is also backed with diamonds so in the unlikey event that every one takes out there money all at once (known as a run on the bank) I will still be able to liquidate (sell the diamonds) them and then return your funds.

    I will also be paying interest on gold and diamond deposits..

    If you make a deposit please make a forum post so I can make a "legally binding" promissory note (like above for loans)

    VAULT Services

    Running out of room on your res for chests?

    Or have some valuble items your want locked away in a secure vault?

    I have secure lockable vaults at my res (805) and a master vault that is locked and opened with a pin code (Big thanks to PTHAGAARD for building the locking mechanism)

    Please fill in the following form to order services..
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  2. This sounds like a nice idea! :D
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  3. Please hold on this service while I discuss this with other staff if we should allow it...
  4. I was waiting for this, Roger Wilco....
  5. Awesome bank services :)
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  6. It sounds like a really awesome idea. But you will have to wait for the staff to decide :) good luck
  7. Thanks dude - Appreciate all the support on this..
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  8. I hope the staff lets you open your bank it is a really awesome idea.:D
  9. Other than my personal aversion to debt in general I have a few concerns over ventures like this.
    • It makes additional work for staff. They will have to police repayments for you
    • Who will guarantee my savings in your bank? I.e. when you spend the money I deposited and close your bank, how do I get my fifty thousand rupees back?
    • If someone lands up owing you a large amount of money, having a huge debt will actually discourage them wanting to play on Empire, because every time they earn some money, it will get sent to repay the loan.
    I don't think I will ever understand the impatience that drives people to want to have something before they have earned it (mortgages excluded). There are people who would be very likely to borrow money under arrangements like yours, and while I'm sure it is well-intentioned, I think schemes like this will cause more problems than they solve.

    It happened in Eve: Massive Bank Fraud. I'm not suggesting that you're planning to sell Empire Rupees for $5000, but it shows how things like this can go wrong.

    Really, I guess you want to set up some banking services, and are asking if Empire Staff will police it for you. Once we have 20 or 30 banks, the policing will probably become too much work for them, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope!
  10. Stormy I can see your concerns, that is why at any time I would only lend up to a maximum of 1500R if people could not pay I really would not chase them, in a way it is more for me to help noobs learn how to make it on their own, hence when they say they cant pay, I will go out into the wild with them showing them how to earn money for them selves
  11. any news??
  12. Epic bank services! Great idea!
  13. May I suggest an insurance kind of thing also? Feel free to use the idea :)
  14. Things got out of hand.... Locked thread and deleted posts..

    We are still discussing this, so I will update this thread with decision once its been made.

    Players: I advise to not use this service until we decide if its allowed or not.
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Not open for further replies.