SMP1 Information Center Coming Soon!

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  1. Information Center! This thing's gonna be a Shops Directory, Services Catalog, Jobs Listing... you name it! All for SMP1. If successful, I may try convincing the other 9 servers in EMC to follow suit- The Empire Commerce Guild! (We don't already have one, do we?)

    So I need a design first. Each floor needs to have enough space below ground to facilitate teleporters, and it'd be nice for each section to be well... sectioned off. I anticipate needing an entire floor for shops and building directory. Many floors will be needed, and filled out as necessary. Also good is the ability to simply add floors by copying previous ones if/when need be.

    Shops will be listed for free, of course- all listings will be free. I'll very probably need to recruit some volunteers to help update things so we have coverage for most of the day. This is the info I can think to display on each sign:
    • <username>
    • <residence>
    • <mart/store/mall> ..................."mart" = small ..... "store" = medium ..... "mall" = large
    • Special hashtags, like #enchants #gambling #cafe
    I'm not quite rich, so donations of all types are appreciated! I have a very small info booth on my home res 1508 which includes hoppers for material donations. Send me a pm and I'll credit ya for your generosity ^_^ I'll be grateful for monetary donations as well! Send rupees to myself or jewlzchu, and it'll go to the Info Center.

    If anyone thinks they have a good design, I'd love to see it! As would many from smp1 that I've already spoken with.

    ...I'm really rooting for the Empire Commerce Guild! ^______^
  2. Heads up that we have 103 on SMP1 already :) Good luck with this though.
  3. no move perms on 103
  4. Next to Justin's res
  5. 2013-04-07_00.58.44.png
    so here is the + outline
  6. 2013-04-07_00.58.56.png
    and here is the raindrop outline, and yeah I know they are both pretty small but they are just outlines that I will work on
  7. I'll be sure to check it out and include that one in the listings at 1010.
  8. Nice! The key to this project will be plenty of useable wallspace, but an attractive edifice is also important. I'm looking forward to more designs! ^_^
  9. Oh, it's not a store :) It's a store-directory (that's not open yet)
  10. Not really planning on hosting events, rather presenting listings for events and a teleporter to the res where it's taking place. Perhaps a donator corner with hoppers, etc.?
  11. Still looking for designers, and hoping they'll work for beans (cheap or free). Credit will also be given, of course :)
  12. 103 is my res, still being worked on with information and gathering store buffs. So far as its built by the once and only AlexChance, it stands with the most accessible easy to find directory of shops. If you want move perms to see how it may work . Send me a pm through site.
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  13. 2013-05-21_17.02.30.png 2013-05-21_17.02.43.png
    not that great, just made it a couple minutes. I'll decorate it and make it better
  14. To be clear, I want to make use of the full residence- there's not need to take the current design into consideration, as it's currently failing me.

    I need to have different sections for the 3 types of shops, as well as other sections for listing public services, local announcements, jobs, want-ads, etc.

    I really appreciate your help with this! Thank you!
  15. ok ill make something bigger
  16. No need to make it with diagonal walls, either. We need to utilize as much of the space as possible, while still appearing attractive.
  17. pateraterick
    store (Enchanted Goods)
  18. Just an FYI, I am creating a community center at 202 so *yay*
  19. Thanks, but the 1010 Info Center is for smp1. 4090 is obviously for another server. It would be nice to get an Info Center on each of the EMC servers, but that's a while yet in the making. First I need to acquire a final design for the building.

    Then I'll need volunteers on each EMC server to donate a res for an Info Center. I'm guessing supporters and those with alts will probably do this.

    I'll also need a few volunteers to be core employees/partners in Info Center Ops so we can have a team. This team will be the ones given access rights to future res's on other EMC servers for building and maintaining each Info Center.