Smp1, I reallly need Black wool!!

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  1. hey everyone, would anyone be able to send me a private message, informing me on somewhere where i can get Lots of black wool! Please I am in desperate need for them, i spent like 2000 at the empire store so i really need some, thanks for helping,
  2. How many do you need? And for what price?
  3. I'll be able to log in today, I'll give you two black sheep from my res at 2197, one with and one without wool, so you can breed them. What's your address ?

    Not the fastest way nor the least laggy, but it'll help a bit.
  4. 1389, and i need about 3 64 sets, will pay 800 for 3 64 sets. :D
  5. Oops, forgot to say, Thankyou very much!