SMP1 Hotel/Casino Construction

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  1. I am planning on building a hotel/casino on my lot 921 on SMP1 but find myself short on both materials and items. As well as building expertise. Well it appears I have very little. However I can manage and organize very well and am looking for a business partner to go into this with me. Not necessarily money wise but just because I do not believe I can do everything on my own. Plus I always want a second opinion on things. Just let me know if you would be interested in this.
  2. hey i am a really good builder and can supply stuff from our outpost.
  3. Can you elaborate a bit more?
  4. fluffinator i may be able to help you i am already in business with TheMiniKins and our mall (Under construction) And i'd be happy to help you and am okay at building but, not the best. Another thing i have a farming plot that i am making with Zarembo1 that you may be able to use. Everything i have stated above has taken place on SMP1.
  5. Can you upload a few screens of things you have built?
  6. Sure sure, i did the floors in the mall and did help with the exterior but most of it (90% of the walls were payed for)
    You can check it out at /v theminikins-3
    Also it is still under heavy construction so it doesn't look as nice as it could.
    -PS My friend theminikins chose the layout/plan of the mall.
  7. I will check it out when I can.
  8. yes. I can build any structure you need as long as i have materials. what is your theme? (i.e. Medevil, Modern, Rustic, etc.)
  9. I could help :D
    Just go to 18513 (SMP9) and you'll see my building experience. :)