SMP1 Frontier Horse Stable/Racetrack

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    Hi everyone! I couldn't find any horse-related wilderness outposts, so...I started one myself! :p Please don't put me down just because I'm a new member, I know what I'm doing here. =3 Anyways, this is a map to the stable, I'll just call it.
    Screenshot (1).png It's kinda far, I know. So far I haven't built anything; if anyone would like to help I'd greatly appreciate it, just post below! :D Every time I build something important, I'll update the map and post it. =D So... If you want to join the stable, just post! Please post before you come, and guess when. I'm usually on at 7:00 a.m. I'll try to update you guys regularly! =) (NOTE: Bring at least 1 saddle and 1 horse when you come!!)

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  2. I'm coming out right now! :) I'll bring my fastest horse; 127 speed.
  3. Ok, there's nothing built yet though cx
  4. Jake, sorry, but... I'm canceling the stable. :c
  5. Because it's on smp1, and I'm moving back to my home server, smp9. So sorry. But I was only on smp1 for my pet shop I was hired for by somebody, and it's not doing too well in business...So...I moved back to my server.