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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MissKells, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Hey ! was just playing on smp1 and then poof down.. talking with other people that play on the server that i am friends with and they say they can not get on either :( tryed restarting my minecraft and refreshing. but nothing. Just kinda curious on what is going on :) Thanks
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  2. I will just wait for smp1 to restart.
    This will be very boring.
  3. Give it some time everyone. Generally when the server hiccups, it will fix itself in a short time, or Justin will receive 1000 text messages from the server telling him it needs help, haha.
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  4. I think a good way of telling Justin a server is down, is to just send him a lot of <3.

    Or cake.
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  5. Okie dokie Thank you GameKribJEREMY :)
  6. lol? Server: JUSTIIIN I NEEED YOOOOUUUUU Server 5 seconds later: Where are you my love D:!? Justin: awww crud not again..... :D
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  7. The seconds go by ever so slowly....
    Waiting, waiting, waiting for smp1's status to go green....
    There is nothing better to do...

    ...except post on the forums, and let the Guardians of the Empire run the show.
  8. Fixed, as usual about 10 minutes ;)
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