Smp1 down

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hash98, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Well, the title says it all, I noticed when skeletons, creepers, and spiders were standing still not attacking.
  2. i cant get ian any server :p because i can log on one mc server at the time
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  3. thats what it says to me to.
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  4. ya it went down, i thought i was the only one D:
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  5. Yah
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  6. so did i :p
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  7. Mine ses connection lost Internal client error :(
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  8. me too, though I barely ever time out.
  9. NOT FUNNY josh303011 XD
  10. Thank god I aint the only one. But Hash, you are supposed to wait 15 minutes first.
  11. Sorry, you never told me that.....we were killing mobs, got 34 xp now.
  12. Glad im not the only one! I was Shearing Kells wool!
  13. i was checking the OoO 2
  14. nice man..nice
  15. Its locked away in some old thread I think. Don't sweat it. I was underwater... Hope I dont drown.
  16. I am able to get on, but I cannot verify, I am able to get on even when the servers are down :p (I seriously do not know how I do it though)
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  17. sneek, I like your signature
  18. I was shearing your wool when it went down :p have 4 stacks of cyan so far! :D
  19. Which part? The Eggs, or my little saying I made up? Oh, and thank you.
  20. bunkerllama 5k club XD i have 430K :p