SMP1 Cheap shop :-)

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  1. I've recently started a small shop on my res on SMP1.
    I want to get rid of stock so Im motivated to go out for more stuff.

    Here is my price list...

    DISCS 70r
    BONE 2r
    FLESH 5r- for 64
    SULPHUR 3r
    STRING 6r- for 3
    EGGS 5r- for 16
    LEAVES 3r- for 16
    WHITE WOOL 10r- for 16

    I didn't wanna bug people on chat so I thought I'd advertise on here :)
    If you already have a shop then feel free to buy me out and get profits :L
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  2. Very nice Prices you got there Sopby ima have to come by and check it out.
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