SMP1 Birthday Celebrations: Quickfire Giveaways

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  1. SMP1's birthday is on the 25th July 2012. Be at the Birthday Cake (612) or miss out.

    As you may know, SMP1's first birthday's is coming up rapidly. You may also know that the Birthday Cake will be holding a huge party then with tons of free items to be given out as gifts. However, in the run-up to it I've decided to run a series of giveaways. It's simple:
    1. A post is posted explaining what you have to do to have a chance of winning, the prizes and how long you have
    2. You post your entries on this thread
    3. After the time expires, I use a random number generator to choose a winner.
    4. Repeat
    All prizes will available to claim from the 25th July at the Birthday Cake. Just look outside it for a chest with your name on.

    Anyone can enter, including staff. You can only win once and I reserve the right to disqualify and ban anyone from entering for any or no reason.
    Giveaway status: ACTIVE
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  2. Giveaway Started

    Task: Post a picture of a cake
    Prize: Animal Tamer Bundle - 16 sheep eggs, 16 pig eggs, 16 cow eggs, 16 mooshroom eggs, 16 squid eggs, 4 ocelot eggs, 4 wolf eggs, 3 stacks of chicken eggs, 4 stacks of wheat, 16 bones, 16 raw fish.
    Restrictions: Picture mustn't have been posted before you
    Closes: 15th July at midnight GMT
    Good luck!
  3. I hope it doesn't taste like it looks like it will ;)

  4. Was Rob invited?
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  5. You can't imagine how tempted I was to ban him from the res just to see what happened.
  6. what res? :confused:
  7. 612 - The birthday cake. :)
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  8. You should have XD
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  9. oh oh.... Can i has my name on a sign? For liking pigs?
  10. If anyone should get their name on a sign it should be me, for tomatoes sake I am a tomato!
  11. Although they don't look like it, the signs are for donators. There really are some unique ones there....
  12. i read them just now, who do i donate to? I just donated you 20r :)
  13. for pigs sake imma pig! :p
  14. I'll sort you out a sign next time I'm online. :)
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  15. YAY
  16. I will donate 5k and on the sign can you put: "because he is a Tomato."