SMP1 and Utopia rebooting?

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  1. Lol why does it say smp1 and utopia rebooting? lol its been like that for almost 2 days :p
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  2. Powering up......2days later....still powering up!
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  3. Server errors..stuff..

    Basically, Justin moved to Virginia and will not have a stable internet until September.
  4. I thought Justin moved to the Virgin Islands.
  5. Temporarily
  6. Idk why this happens
  7. I get the virgin islands and virginia mixed up :p Yushuroo, he did move to the Virgin Islands.
    You're thinking of his short trip to colorado. Yes, he was going to get a job there but he moved to the Virgin Islands due to better offers
  8. Oooh ok haha my bad :p
  9. This went off topic fast...
  10. SMP5 Rebooting?
  11. for some reason i think it has to do with some server errors that have been happening