smp1 - 809 - "Fynriel's", synonymous with "everything"!

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  1. F Y N R I E L ' S
    December 26th - February 26th
    (Currently closed)

    Fynriel's has a huge assortment of goods. Across 6 floors, you will find any item you could possibly need!

    Across from the store is a "Selling Area" which allows everyone looking for a job and eager to earn some rupees to work for me by gathering items and selling them to me there.

  2. I'll be sure to check it out!
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  3. i recommend it
  4. it is an amazing shop :]
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  5. I have been waiting for your shop to open since your last one burnt down, have been a regular customer since i joined empire. I shall certainly come check it out :)
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  6. I like the selling area i wish there was something similar on smp2 it stops people from spamming chat asking for jobs
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  7. Have you set firespread to false on your res yet? You know, due to the unfortunate end of your last shop... ;)
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  8. Necessary precautions have been taken, thank you! ;)
  9. i went to this shop, im going here every time i need a shop

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  10. Why can I not teleport to your resident, Fynriel?
  11. This is my favorite shop so far, so easy to find things and the only thing I wanted that was out of stock, was because I bought it all and wanted more. The building materials available in large quantities is also very good so you don't have to click all the time.
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  12. i agree completely
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