Smp1 540 Mega Mall -Bro.Co

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Will you shop at 540 Mega Mall

Yes 17 vote(s) 51.5%
Maybe 12 vote(s) 36.4%
No 4 vote(s) 12.1%
  1. Smp1 540 Mega Mall -Bro.Co

    Hello Everyone.

    Myself and Bekalusa, are nearly finished our mega mall at res 540.
    However we need large amount of supplies to stock the shops.
    Sponsors who sponsor a section.
    Donators to help supply the rest of the project.

    I will update this thread a lot with photos, progress, opening, sponsors, are more so stay tuned.

    Lobby Area will have a range of epic feature including, Sponsors Thrones, People Who Donated, People who helped build, Tips, Pixel art and more!

    Red Section - The Floor of Knowledge - Pat2011
    Blue Section - [Name]
    Purple Section -[Name]
    Yellow Section - [Name]
    Green Section - [Name]
    Lime Section - [Name]
    Black Section - [Name]
    Grey Section - [Name]
    Magenta Section- [Name]
    Pink Section - [Name]
    Silver Section - [Name]
    Orange Section - [Name]


    Need to buy couple of double chest for nearly every item. Pm Me and Bekalusa if you want to supply items.

    If you want to sponsor a section in 540 mega mall you get a number of advantages to the store, as when you enter the section that you sponsored it will show your name. You also get a free add in the lobby if you want advertise your own store. Early access to the mall and many more advantages. Pm me and Bekalusa if you want to become a sponsor for a floor. Cost-25k

    All donations will be greatly appreciated and we will display your name in the lobby area on the sponsor wall. You Can donate large quantities of items and rupees are all appreciated.
  2. Wow sounds awesooooome!
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  3. Few pics :)
    ATTACH=full]9648[/ATTACH] 2012-11-18_16.02.44.png 2012-11-18_16.03.40.png 2012-11-18_16.03.44.png 2012-11-18_16.04.00.png 2012-11-18_16.04.01.png 2012-11-18_16.04.03.png

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  4. Ill make 1849392939291 rupees selling all my random junk to you guys :D
  5. lol
    What items do you have in bulk that you could provide us now?
  6. Bump. We need some stockers people!
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  7. Any suggestions to what we should do and interest in sponsoring is greatly appreciated.
  8. This is gonna to be amazing I've been looking for a nice shop to buy from and also to make some money.
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  9. How do you sponsor?
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  10. just make chestshops. i dont have bulk, but i have a few stacks of stuff :D
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  11. pay 50k and get all the advantages that i have said
  12. That, is, AMAZING!
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  13. 50k :D ...*looks at money* 2057 That should pay it off :D
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  14. Umm not quite sure what you are saying?
  15. Looking at hi rupee balance (2057r) and is pretending its 50k
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  16. Not quite sure when we will open the store
    Me and Bek both in the middle of exams and bek can't get on in weekdays and i sometimes for only 10 mins
    However schools ends in 2 weeks
  17. Coffee love the new mall!
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  18. COUGHmetooCOUGH
  19. Bump. Any sponsors want to name their level?