smp1 - 432 - cool PARCOUR and very cheap SHOP

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  1. i made a very cool parcour with 6 tests and a roller coaster!
    [EDIT 29th May 2013] Ohh ... My English was so bad at that time. But it was my first commend and thread on EMC :)
  2. You almost had the title correct, just missed the dashes :) but I fixed it
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  3. I fell that it is very fun...
  4. You missed something. The date.
  5. Lol this was my first commend/thread on EMC and Justin replied. Too long ago...
    [EDIT] by the way, I still own the same res and I also have still a parkour, but it has changed a bit in the last years..
  6. ... this thread is a year and a half old...
  7. It's not polite to bump old threads. When you see the red text, do not post.