smp1 2630 Small Shop

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  1. I'm selling something. This post is to show what's available.

    *Available use of "Crafting Table"*

    *Community Chest available to freely take from or give.*

    Bookshelf 32/40 Rupee
    Cobble Stone: 64/15 Rupee 16/4 Rupee
    Stone: 64/20 Rupee 16/6 Rupee (Out of Stock)
    Sugar Cane: 64/6
    Paper: 64/4 Rupee
    Melon: 32/6 Rupee
    Egg: 32/6 Rupee
    Cake: 5 Rupee
    Pine/Oak Leaves: 16/2 Rupee
    Pine/Oak Logs: 16/8 Rupee
    Wooden Planks: 64/8, Rupee 16/2 Rupee
    Sand: 16/20 Rupee (Out of Stock)
    Sandstone: 16/30 Rupee (Out of Stock)
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  2. Updated prices and added eggs for sale
  3. Is there a limit on how much you can buy?
  4. No, as long as it's available it's for sale
  5. Update prices and added cake 10r and free rotten flesh
  6. Omg cheap :D !!
  7. Added Sugar Cane and Melon
  8. Omg. Ima buy all ur logs >_>
  9. Added Sand and Sandstone; and will make glass items on request.
  10. I now sell Wooden Planks
  11. I might check it out but see that edit button, use that instead.