SMP1-2431-Selling Jobs

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  1. Do you like money? Then a job is what you want! And that's what I have to offer!
    Me and 7/8 others are mining our lots down to bedrock and can't do it alone so come help and get $$money$$!

    I provide STONE shovels

    ~Payment Details:
    4x8 to bedrock - $256
    8x8 to bedrock - $512
    (that's about 1R per 8 dirt!)

    ~Prizes! - cancelled =(
    To many noobs dug around in my lot trying to find the blocks so I decided to cancel the prizes. But if you find a block other than dirt and show me I'll give you 50 extra R. (i have coordinates so don't try to trick me)

    P.S.-check THIS out plz ^_^

    1. Don't mine sphere frame
    2. Don't mine anything you know you shouldn't
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  2. So we have to buy the jobs? Thats odd.
  3. Yes. you buy them for -[amount]
  4. What he means is that he is hiring. Also, I will willingly do the job. I suppose that you get to keep the dirt?
  5. if you want it you are more than welcome to keep the dirt XD
  6. Alright thanks. Will you be on in 1 hr 20 mins?
  7. ...probably lol
  8. Job selling paused temperately... Sorry for...ya
    I am now selling jobs again XD
    so start posting on this thread again lol
  10. ok. new rule. if there is a symbol on the top of the sector than dig! if not than don't dig. not that hard =P

    ..| .................|
    ..| .................| ~le poorly drawn symbol
    ..|_____.. _|_
  11. coming in an hour
  12. this weekend (Friday-Sunday) My lot HAS to be dug out. Camdenmil, Bluebl1, SWATAHOLIC, Pilotcat and I will also be digging so if you want money these are the last few days you have to make it. We also will start our project so I'll post when to come to see epicnesss. Also (on an unrelated topic) check THISout!