SMP1 1962 and 1758 Malls

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  1. Hello, EMC! I'm hear to tell you all that the reconstructed 1962 and 1758 is finally finished! The shops are located on SMP1, and hold a variety of products to shop for.

    Now I would like to point out that we will not be taking demands for lowering the prices or stocking up right away. We will lower our prices if we feel the need to, and we will stock up during our 'stock up days'. So with the greatest amount of respect, please do not demand for prices to be lowered, or items to be stocked up immediately. Taking care and owning a shop takes a lot of work, and we can only do so much in so little time.

    And about lowering prices. The prices aren't even that high, so I hope not to deal with any of that. They're at a moderate price.

    So make sure to stop on by and shop at 1962 and 1758 if you need anything! :)
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