Smp1 - 1389 - My store is the cheapest!

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  1. My beautiful store on 1389, is EXTREMELY, cheap. As diamonds are, i believe 6r. I dont care much about money, so i dont make prices high. \Caution: Do not Bug me in-game about restocking, my things. I try to keep up to date with as mayn things as possible. Also donating to me is always helpful. Come on Down Because I am fully stocked, awaiting reopening!

    :D Love MrSmiley99
  2. I visited your shop, it looks great except for the fact all your doors are locked. :)
  3. I'm Sorry, Currently, I am desperatley gathering resources to restock my shop, remember there IS a second shop, if you read the signs .Thanks for coming!
  4. I could supply you with the four kids of wood logs, i got a utopia res for tree farming
  5. 6r diamonds will last you no time. Cheap is good but not that cheap.
  6. I realized this is an old thread. Sorry.
  7. Nah man thanks for bumping it up. I woulda never heard of it otherwise.
  8. Nevermind. Much time has passed since this shop was existant.....
  9. It was sandra who bumped it but i should have noticed it.