SMP1 - 1337 - Creeper firework [5000R]

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  1. I'm selling this creeper-face firework for 5K. It looks just like a creeper!

    • Flight Duration 3
    • Creeper-shaped
    • Lime, Green
    • Trail
    • Twinkle

    Chest is set up at 1337, SMP1. Go inside the building and look towards the entrance. The [Slot 1] chest is the firework.
  2. Bump. Is the price too high on this? I don't know the value of these since the 7K when they were first made.
  3. So high...
  4. I could make one for 20 rs.
  5. It involves a wither skull, no you couldn't.
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  6. Price is going back to 5K.
  7. A wild BUMP appeared!
  8. 1:16 AM!?!? Wow.

    Anyway, I think the price should go back down to 4k.
  9. I'm interested. does it make noise like a normal firework?
  10. lol you can use a creeper head.
  11. I'm not that much of an insomniac. :D It was 1:16 your time. It says 11:16 PM for me.
    Yep. It's loud, even though it goes pretty high up.
  12. Next time instead of calling me stupid, just say, "yea you can use creeper skulls, but wither skulls are the only survival head drop" or something like that. I know they don't drop, I was being silly for gods sake and you come along and made me feel like I had done something wrong.
  13. I feel ashamed...
  14. I'll buy it. i won't be able to pick up or pay until maybe tomorrow or tonight. but I want it, please old it for me.