SMP1-1126-Community Auction

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  1. Hey Empire,

    This next week I will be hosting a giant community auction at my residence.All players are invited to come and bid on whatever you want.The auction rules will be posted outside my designated auction building on my res.On that note I will let you know some of the things you
    could be bidding on:

    Materials/Blocks Weapons/Tools Nether Materials Enchanted Items

    Daimonds Swords Netherack Ench. Weapons/Tools
    Ingots Shovels/Axes Netherbrick Enchantment Table
    Raw Materials Gardening Tools Soul Sand Brewing Stand
    Cobble/all stones Assorted Others Nether Wart Potions/Brewing Supplies
    Assorted Others Assorted Others Assorterd Others

    Those are just a few of the many things that you will be bidding on.I still need a few things so feel free to drop by my res and donate a few things to help the cause(the donations area is at the front of my store).I am still working on a date,therefore I will notify you via email/on the server.
    Hope to see you there! Till Then,