smp1 - 1039 - Cheap stuff!

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  1. Hi:)
    If you want to buy some cheap items, then you should visit 1039:D
    I'll tell you about some of the stuff I got:)
    1. Iron Ingot= 7 rupees
    2. Vine= 2 rupees
    3. Cobblestone= 64 for 8 rupees
    4. Gold Ingot= 10 rupees
    5. White Wool= 3 rupees

    And much more, so stop by at 1039 and take a look and see if you want to buy something;)
  2. I'll stop by on the 29th! Looks like a good shop! I'm only ten residences away from yours! ;)
  3. Nice!
    If you have a cheap shop i can visit it too:)
  4. I checked your shop and not much is in stock. :( Can you restock because I think you have good prices.