SMP Sightseeing!!

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  1. I've decided to go from server to server and film the coolest looking res's on each. If YOU think you have a cool res, please submit it in this format, and I might just film it!

    IGN (ingame name):
    Something about your res(what's it for, how long it took, how much it cost, really anything relevant.):

    Thanks in advance!
  2. newo88 , smp1 , 2201 , it's a hedge maze that takes up 60x60 and it is 5 tall it took 10 double chests of hedge to build
  3. Dwight5273, Smp5, 10241, it's a muitl level tree farm still constuction until we hit the height limit but looks good.
  4. IGN (ingame name):Importerer
    its a tower. i think it cost alot?
  5. marknaaijer,
    With a huge concert hall and a big shop im going to build a potion shop but I need some suplies...