SMP Shop Poll

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Which SMP would you like to see the next big shop on?

SMP 3 18 vote(s) 31.0%
SMP 4 9 vote(s) 15.5%
SMP 5 13 vote(s) 22.4%
SMP 6 8 vote(s) 13.8%
SMP 8 10 vote(s) 17.2%
  1. Oh, we've also found a square in a different SMP. ;)
  2. My next big store is coming to SMP7 :)
  3. Res 16956, owned by smelliot6, last seen 61 days ago.
    Res 16502, owned by jamesetaylor2, last seen 39 days ago.
    Res 16501, owned by eepicman, last seen 40 days ago.
    Res 16595, owned by alien45g, last seen 67 days ago.

    Hope these work for you guys, they're all right next to each other with no trees in between them. :)
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  4. Lol I didnt but I also didn't say your soo revise " we another big shop like Thecontroller 10030 on smp5
  5. Smp6 has quite alot of good shops, just not as big as alexchance's and PThaGaard's
  6. We've found sets on multiple servers. Now...well, the poll will probably decide us. :)
  7. Utopia -.-
  8. Errr guys smp6 has MANY mega malls, with mine coming along
  9. smp5 yeah!!!
  10. We've yet to find a square on SMP6. SMP's 3 and 5 are currently the most popular choices. ;)
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  11. Ill say SMP 2
  12. I feel hurt by these statements, Mr Piggy and Pandas.
  13. Was a close call, but do to popular choice and plot availability, we will be having the shop on SMP5.

    This shop will be one of a kind, something never done on EMC. Expect great things from us.
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  14. Him, mostly.
  15. But, also Shannon, of course.
  16. Smp3 NEEDS a shop please robbie
  17. D: I didn't mean to offend. Never been to your shop.
  18. He has a shop?:eek:
  19. Why else would he be offended?
  20. :(