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  1. Hello everyone! I'm your contest Host, PremiumBlank, and the server has gave YOU a chance to tell your tales of AWESOME and WINNING with the added bonus of getting rupees!
    (PRO TIP) Don't fail to razzle, dazzle us with your story! You will be REWARDED for best story and claim your 500!
    1. You can only post one time and it must fit in one post. Choose your words wisely.
    2. IT must not break any of the Empires rules for posting, derp, as well as not degrade others stories.
    3. It must BE The TRUTH!....well hard to prove, but Im sure you are not fighting endless hordes of Ender Dragons, Withers, and Mini bosses all with a wooden sword....You know what, make it believable at least.
    4. Get DETAILED! Give us something GOOD to read, thats related to your actual time spent. Even iron farming. tell us about the zombies that constantly swarm around, above, below you, and whatever livens the story or something with truth to it. Tell us why you were buying something. (One liners don't work)
    5. It MUST be within an hour or so before the crash. Its ok to tell us what you were planning to do before the crash and what you will do after.
    6. HAVE FUN!
    7. Make Sure you have room to post What Server you were on with the EXACT spelling of your name and time you will likely be on.
  2. IT is back up :p
  3. me nd britbrit3197, sonicol1 n scarligmione wuz on smp7 in da wastelandz nd we wuz takin a brake frum killin da hords of mobs dat was ataking us so we waz fishing frum a tree. brit cot a pufferfish nd i had 2 suck out da poizen! we had jus got her well agin wen da server crash. we wuz lyke ohno!

    Meh, pretty much the 4 of us were at spawn in the wastelands. We had been fighting mobs to find dragon coal things, and whatever so we took a break and we were fishing, Scar was afk. Then everything froze and the server went down.

    SMP7 PandasEatRamen Pretty much all the time >.>

    Idk how many people you will get, but I posted anyway haha
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  4. I was offline.
    That's my story o3o
  5. And the nuke fell. Destroying virtual life on the empire, leaving behind a radio active hamster.


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