SMP MEGASTORE IS BACK!! Looking for Franchisees!!

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  1. logo2.jpg Back By Popular Demand the Multi-SMP MEGATSORES ARE BACK!!

    Here is how it will work, just like last time...

    I've started a MEGASTORE franchise, my plan is to have one on smp1-9, including utopia. I 'm running my Megastore on smp6, since thats my main res. I would prefer to get in contact with a Diamond Supporters, but will also accept Gold Supporters. I also can't make this possible with out your help through donations. The way it would work is as follows: the sellers will take all accept for 25% of the profits from my franchises. If your feeling generous, you should donate another 5-10% of your profits to building and other materials. I figure that its best to take the slow approach into this, as this would be best for my/your business. I will check other stores on the servers in order to keep pricing competitive. I will be available everyday (or as much as possible), to help out where i can, as well as supplying designs for effective farms(tree/charcoal, plant, fish and animal) and cobble/obsidian generators to supply the store. Each store will be individually owned, and because of that, each owner should be making a good amount of rupees. Click Below for the status updated every 24-48hours. Here are the Megastores so far:

    Smp1: Shop Being Built

    Smp2: Shop Needed
    Smp3: Shop Needed
    Smp4: Shop Needed
    Smp5: Shop Needed

    Smp6: Shop Under Construction
    Smp7: Possible Shop
    Smp8: Shop Breaking Ground

    Smp9: Shop Needed
    Utopia: Shop Needed

    Google Doc updated every 24-48 hours:

    View My Store Item List Here:
    Will be up shortly
  2. Some pics of the old store for inspiration...

    2012-04-02_18.33.58.png 2012-04-02_18.33.49.png

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  3. I have a few questions:
    1. Are shop owners in charge of ensuring a constant stock?
    2. Are all of the shops the same design?
    3. What if a player is unable to keep a store stocked?
    4. How involved are you in each individual store?
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  4. Is that Doc updated? It looks fairly old.
  5. I see no constant brand, no central planning of any kind other than maybe making sure that each store has all the items (which is something someone can do without joining any agreement), just a bunch of shops on each server. How is it any different from a partnership of stores?

    Also, your item list website is down.
  6. Hi jkrmnj,

    Hopefully this answers your questions:

    1. Both the shop owners, and myself would be responsible for stocking the shelves(50/50 split). And I would also assist you to find suppliers from other servers and a constant vault system.
    2. All the shops follow a similar layout/feel and ultimately importantly brand.
    3.If a player is unable to keep a store stocked with my assistance(as that has yet to occur), then we would either close temporarily to re-stock or talk about another change.
    4. I will be heavily involved in assisting in the branding, as well as design. However the day to day, i would simply check in and help to keep a shared inventory and sales list via google docs.

    Hope this answers your questions. And if you want to talk more let me know, or find me on SMP6!!
  7. There was an issue with the link, I have now fixed it. So it should not be a problem. :)
  8. There is an overall Brand, which I am using from my original store and franchises. As well as a central design, unfortunately since I was away for a period of time because of family issues, my plot was derelict. If you had seen the other original locations you would understand the design, and brand of the stores. As for the website list, it is currently being overhauled, and should be up in the next little while.
  9. Cool. So there's an overall brand. I don't see it. There's all the creative tools in the game from ascii art on signs to wool art to all the possible blocks that could be a sort of trademark, and yet the only logo I see is some graphic that can't possibly exist in-game, where 95% of your market is going to be. When 95% of shoppers wont even bother checking any website, what is the value in an image that can't be communicated to them?

    If the design is important and easy to replicate for franchisees, why hasn't one been rebuilt? Why do all the screenshots show just a plain regular store... Why isn't there a diagram with blueprints and how much space the design takes up?

    I just really don't get the value in working with you as opposed to just running a shop on my own.
  10. Here is the design for MrGraywolf's SMP8 Empire MegaStore... Asterick5.0.png
  11. What did you use to make that?
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  13. That looks really epic. How many levels are involved? If you're serious about this project, is there any way we could work together to make it a reality? I'm not very good at designing and building structures, but I'm excellent at pricing and stock management. I would really like to create a consistent customer experience across all the SMPs and have a chain of malls which are always in stock and convenient for customers to buy from.
  14. Hi Azoundria,

    Yeah I would be interested in speaking further. Drop by 12710 on smp6 or 16812 on smp8.


  15. One other development, is that with becoming a franchisee. You will also have access to the Hodge-Corp Mine(whereas if you weren't a franchisee you would need to pay deposit).
  16. Um so I have a huge mega mall that I built, all item frames and stuff, I just never stocked it so if I partner with you, would you help me stock it? The mall is at 4040 smp2 and I have a res right next to it 4041. Which I can combine the Reses into a bigger one. The mall is futurama themed also and it's pretty cool. I can be on a lot also
  17. Excellent idea! A few questions about the franchisee model you have. How you will enforce the franchise after the mall is built? I tried a franchisee model on EMC before and one of my franchisee refused to pay out to the franchise. Even though we had a contract written and signed, EMC staff advised me that they weren't binding as people were free to do whatever they wanted on their own res as long as it doesnt breach EMC rules.

    Speaking of EMC rules, unless im wrong, you aren't allowed to set up any kind of equity based system on EMC. With this said, im not sure a fifty fifty split, or any split of any kind, would be allowed. I'm going to look into this more though.
  18. When I did franchises before (successfully until I stopped playing for a while), I had the signs in my name and did the payments myself to partners. I only hired people I trusted, however I should have also had an upfront deposit to act as insurance against people walking away with all the shop items. To prevent abuse of the shop signs, I also funneled the money into another account regularly.