Smp? - Looking to buy silk touch Pickaxe/Shovel. Will pay up to 1500r.

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  1. Hi, i looking to buy a silk touch pickaxe and/or shovel, with at least half remaining uses left. Willing to pay 1500r per full item, 1250r 3/4 used, 1000r 1/2 used. Private convo me please if willing seller.
  2. I'm looking for an iron pick with silk touch, still atleast half left. Willing to bargin, starting at 1600r for full tool.
  3. I know scarligmione has one... ask him he might still have one I know he has one cause in his fountain there is 4 diamond ore blocks so = silk touch :)
  4. yeah i need one too
  5. Silk touch!!!
  6. I was willing to pay 10,000 for one and still nobody would sell one. :( I managed to get one after days of enchanting though so I can finally finish recreating a cave.

    I'm not willing to sell mine but if you want some ore or mycel I can get you some.
  7. wow yeah i can't get one
  8. I would sell one for 2k
  9. Except that this thread is nearly a year old.
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