SMP Frontier Villagers -- Colonizing the Wilderness

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  1. Today was a Wilderness restart for SMP1. Before this had happen, the wild looked griefed. Everything about it griefed. SMP1 is the really main server I go on. I have seen the other servers wild, and it was horrible.

    It is time to start again. I am making something big that many of people have tryed to make. I nation, that will not grief, a community, that sticks together. I am being commander of the SMP Frontier Villagers (SMP FV for short). It is time, to what many have said, Colonize the Wilderness.

    I will be commander, but I will need some recruits to help me on this journey on every single SMP wilderness. I need builders, makers, people that can organize, come to meetings. This is the beginning!

    ~SMP FV

    We are gonna make names for our nations. Just tell me your ign. I will most likely be on SMP1. We need everyone to help us; and to make sure we never get a griefed wild again.

    SMP FV -- We unite!
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  2. Wait, the smp1 wild was reset? Are the other servers going to be reset as well? Because I should probably retreive some items from my base if so...
  3. I think he is saying this is a new beginning for the SMP1 wild. Not sure, but thats my interpretation of it.
  4. I'm not sure what he means but no, no wilderness will be reset. :)
  5. Yay!
  6. For the last time! It wasn't reset!