SMP-All - Buying 1280 Normal Pistons

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  1. Paying 15000 rupees for the full 1280 pistons - should be about 3-5 rupees in profit on EACH piston for the one who creates them.

    I can come get them on all SMP's.

    - PThagaard
  2. You making a lift to the moon? :)
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  3. Maybe space elevator XD
  4. Just adding 4 more rows to my autofarm :(

    I was gonna ask to buy 8000 pistons but i doubt anyone can get that many :D
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  5. If you make it so that you are paying 10r a piston I might be able to make you some!
  6. 15000r / 1280 pistons is 11.71875r each.. Do you want him to lower the price? :)
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  7. I can set up a chest at SMP1 2195 where you can sell 1,10,64,128 pistons if needed.
  8. Done
  9. Still 800 pistons to go...
  10. Who's selling good priced iron i need it for pistons?
  11. Oh I thought from the original post where he said 3-5 ruppees profit from each piston he meant it was gonna work out like 3-5 rupees each... I didn't do the math!
    I might be able to help!
    I'll try to get some to you soon:)
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