Smp 9 wild town attacked by greifers

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by sqiggleyjeff, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. just one of the many photos i took
  2. Not the place for this. Send it to a mod or the admins.
  3. one of them asked me to post it to the forums
  4. The griefers or the players? Either way, it is meant to go to the mods/admins. Plus they are already perma-banned, which shows that the mods are no slackers like those people claim ;)
  5. one of the mods asked me to post some of the pictures so they had solid background on the report not like the five people yelling at them to stop would all lie about it's still better to have proof
  6. Hmm. Weird. I have always seen people being told this sort of thing should be private. Oh well.
  7. squiggleyjeff,

    The mod likely meant to send the pictures in a private message to them. Generally we ask to not post things like this in the public forums. Needless to say, these knuckleheads were banned.
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  8. Nurse got them all.
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