smp 9 wild house

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  1. hey guys i am thinking of making a small wilderneas community it will be 10 people it will eb in an outpost and i will make locked chests the first 10 people to post on this thread saying WILDERNESS! will be in i will give away most of ores i mine since im diamond user remember smp 9 messege me on empire minecraft smp9 or on this thread
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  3. alright go to my res on smp 9
  5. i will be advertising this on the servers
  6. if u want in u should get in now
  8. so its senapeid
  9. ill make it 5 people
  10. 2 more people
  11. are you on now? we should pick out the spot in the wild now.
  12. we need 2 more peeps
  13. i need someone to suppplie me with logs im all out
  14. Bro calm down on ur posts
  15. i only need 2 more..
  16. so ur giving away free stuff?
  17. just u 2 ok go on smp 9 with all your stuff we are starting
  18. yeah kinda if u join my wild house i share the ores i mine