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  1. [ HELP WANTED ]

    "Outpost (OP) Freedom"

    (subject to change)

    Hello and thank you for your interest in this outpost. as the title may suggest I'm creating an outpost on SMP 9 that will be my main location when I stream on twitch. the reason Its a outpost is because one of the most common questions I would get when streaming Minecraft is "can I join the server?". previously I have had an existing outpost on smp3 that wasn't originally designed to have more than 5-10 people living there and the outpost fell into shambles after some time due to the fact that I couldn't always be there. Learning from that mistake I plan on creating a new outpost on smp9 with the entire design planed around having a plethora of people joining. With that I need help! I need people that I can trust and I'm turning to the existing empire community to help with this project. you guys/gals will have direct influence of the outpost from the rules to the name I will be relying on you because I cant do it alone.

    Current positions available


    Organization/design Manager: (0/1)

    • Will Be the top dog when it comes to organizing the town (roads, plots, builds, events)
    Lead Building Manager: (0/1)

    • Top dog for building the foundations of the outpost. will also be in charge of non-Redstone maintenance (Creeper holes/ Griefing)
    Lead Redstone Manager: (0/1)
    • is it red and glow? does it have moving parts? then its under your control!


    Builders: (TBA by managers)

    • you guys will be dancing back and forth for the Building manager and the Redstone manager
    Members: (unlimited)

    • You just Want to be part of an outpost :D

    To Apply:

    Please comment on this thread with the position you would like. If it's a manager position please pm Me with a brief summary as to why you think you should have that position. thanks!


    every member that joins this outpost from this thread until (15 Jan 2016) will have a say into some part of the outpost. (design, rules, location of buildings)

    I will bet my alt account on the fact that there will be griefing because it is the internet and there will be trolls who will try something to get a laugh. however i plan on making it extremely selective on how i allow people to join the outpost from the stream (i hope to bring this up with the managers/builders/members *of the outpost* and get their input.

    Fun fact:

    I do not include my refl-ink in my stream. as it offers no benefit to viewers who join the empire and it would be unfair to the managers/builders who are going to put a Lot of effort into the creation of this outpost.
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    Note: 1 min after posting this I realized I goofed on the title *facepalms*