SMP 9 Sunset Village Outpost

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What you think I should do. *READ FIRST*

Burn the guy's house to the ground. 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Leave it alone until it all blows away. 1 vote(s) 10.0%
Discuss with the other members of the village what to do. 4 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Hello there fellow minecraftians! As the members of the Sunset Village Outpost would say "almost everyone is welcome to build here!" we do say that but, some people don't abide by our rules. Some grief, some burn others houses, and sometimes, they just plain troll us. It has recently come to my attention that a player in the village trolled an AFK player until he died. When the player got back, his stuff was missing. Luckily, we found out the player who killed him was. The whole village is discussing what we should do to the player. Personally, I would burn this guy's house to the ground. Everyone has different ideas so, feel free to share what you think I should do. Thanks!-
  2. Well if a player killed someone else, would that not constitute PVP? If so, it needs to be taken up with an Admin

    As far as "punishment" um...discuss this whole situation with an admin. Burning down the house is a form of griefing, no matter what the player did to "deserve" it.


    1. Thou Shalt Not Destroy

    Do not break other people’s creations (aka griefing). If you are caught doing so mindlessly or maliciously you will be permanently banned.
    -Video reenactment

    There is NO PVP anywhere on any Empire Minecraft server.
  3. We can't wait to burn it to the ground!
    (song by Linkin park)
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  4. As being me I would burn down his house, but why sink to his level?
    Just report him to a mod, wait for him to feel the wrath of the banhammer,
    Get some popcorn and sit back and watch.
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. The so called "PVP" was another guy pushing the victim to his death.
  6. I prefer this meme...
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  7. That song is awesome!
  8. Thx for the great advice guys!
  9. Make a piston that leads into lava in the center of the village and publicly execute him. Let the victim take what he wants from that persons house and then burn it down when they're done.
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  10. But if you burn the guy's house down, thats griefing...
  11. Dont grief, whatever you do. A bunch of knuckleheads, or just one, TORE apart the Paradise Point Outpost of smp6.