SMP 9 Shop *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* and more from LAS Bros.

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  1. As some of the people on the small community of SMP 9 may know, my shop company (AKA LAS Bros.) is undergoing some major improvements. The improvements include but, are not limited to; The new Sky Hotel, the Sky Deck Bar and Grille, new hotel rooms, more inventory, new locations and more! My shop will still be open to the public but as i may advise there might NOT be a ton of inventory. This error is mainly because of the new improvements. These improvements are set to be finished by the 1.3 update. If not, I will either post a new goal in mind or you can message me through the Empire Minecraft webpage.
    LAS Bros. Team
  2. I do have to remind everyone on where the SMP 9 shops are located and the current construction progress.
    Shop + Sky Hotel + Bar and Grille + Hotel (Expansions Complete) #1 liammindcraft123 /v 18171
    Shop + Sky Hotel (Expansions Underway)#2 laxbro109 /v laxbro109
    Shop + Casino (Expansions Underway) #3 _infarious_ /v _inefarious_

    Thanks Again!-
    LAS Bros. Team
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