Smp 9 - 18305 Mega Mall!

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  1. I have decided not to do this mega mall. It is not my style of building and not what I would be interested in spending my money on. I already have a plane for what I am doing with my res so I will carry that out. I am sorry (mega malls are a little overused :p)
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  2. Bump the thread has been condensed to make it less info to read :p
  3. Good luck :p What resources do you need? ~FDNY21
  4. Emeralds, diamonds, logs, sandstone. (all these to sell) if you have any pm me :)
  5. You said a player can buy and resell and make a profit. If you mean have the sell price higher than the buy price that is bad. People could bankrupt you with just 1 sand.
  6. Oops i changed that :p i said that in a weird way. I mean you can buy and resell in your shop to make a profit , the sell prices at my mall will be cheaper then buy prices. :p
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  7. Cool I will check out the res when it is finished