Smp 8 - The Black Wolf Outpost

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  1. The Black Wolf Outpost

    We are a friendly community, building our own viking town!
    The Black Wolf is located on smp 8 somewhere in the frontier.

    How to join:
    Wanna be a real viking? Join our outpost then right now!
    Fill in this application and I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

    We are working with regions, what does this mean?
    For now we got two regions, every region got his own leader.
    We will add more regions if we get more members.

    This is just been started, more info about the regions later!

    Outpost Theme:
    Well, as you can guess the theme is viking / medieval. We are trying to make it as much viking as possible.

    Outpost Farms:

    Ofcourse a outpost needs farms, and Im not only talking about food farms.
    We are talking about all kind of XP farms, gold farms, iron farms etc etc.
    So if you are a good redstone builder, and like to do those kind of things.. Fill in the application!

    Every member can create his own house, but also we are gonna need all kind of buildings to fill in our viking town!
    Im talking about a bakery, storage etc!
    So we are always looking for good builders!

    If you have any questions, you can always send me a PM! ( RaiinNL )

    Thanks for taking your time to read this thread! :)

  2. This sounds AMAZING! I am in 100%
  3. If you wanna join the outpost fill in the application :)
  4. We decided to have two regions so far, when we get more members.. There are gonna be more regions! :)

    We are still looking for new members to join the outpost!
  5. I filled in an application will i get notified if i make it in?
    Btw my Residence is on Smp7