[SMP 8] Sanctuary Hills

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  1. Sanctuary Hills

    Welcome to sanctuary hills! Here at Sanctuary Hills, you are allowed to come out, build, farm, and explore! We are looking for new members that are eager to build and help out other players. Please do read everything in this thread before submitting the application. Drama will not be allowed, and rules broken may result in a removal from Sanctuary Hills. So come on and Submit your application today!

    1.) Follow all EMC rules
    2.) Keep the environment clean
    3.) Stay active.
    (If you go derelict on EMC, Your home ( If you have one) will be cleared out for another member's needs. Do keep in mind that you will not be removed from the outpost until you are over 90 days derelict. If you know you are going to not have access to a computer for a while, tell us)
    4.) Use common sense
    5.) Don't criticize someone else's build
    6.) Get permission to build something in the village or outpost spawn first by one of the founders.

    Please Note: If any EMC rule is broken while you are a member of Sanctuary Hills, you will be removed.


    Our application is quick and easy to fill out. It should only take you 2-3 minutes to fill it out.
    Click Here to go to the application. It can take up to 24 hours to get a response. If you are accepted, you will be added to a group PM on the forums.



    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or one of the founders.

  2. - Blaze Farm - 99% done
    - Guardian Farm - 40% done
    - Iron Farm - 0% done
    - Gold Farm - 0% done
    - XP Farm - 0% done
    - Cow Farm - 0% done
    - Chicken Farm - 0% done
    - Tree Farm - 70% done
    - Rabbit Farm - 100% done
    - Pig Farm - 100% done

    - Village - 10% done
    - Mine - 0% done
    - Automatic Brewing station - 0% done
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  3. Will keep in mind!
  4. Bump! Also, I'm giving myself writing creds bc I feel like one-upping Potato.
  5. Boompy Poompy
  6. first of all: (free bump) :)
    Also, can I ask what the average timezone for the current members is? I'm looking for a non-smp5 outpost that has similar timezone to Alaska.
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  7. I have the EMC time zone, PeculiarPotato and Wolf have the MST timezone, and Sean is Central
  8. Oh crap I thought I posted something on here, sorry TamTam!
  9. ;) it looks like you guys are at least within 4 hours of me! Which is better than in other outposts I've joined (but still am a part of!).

    I will apply.
  10. Because of what happened with Seanawesome14, He is going to be removed from the outpost until further notice
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  11. Bump! Sorry for the long wait on applications.