Smp 8 crash

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  1. Hi i just got disconnected from smp 8 and cant get back on. and when i try to join any other smp it says u can only be connected to one emc server at a time... can anyone help me? or please fix smp 8. Thnks
  2. Thanks for letting us know. I have passed the message on
  3. No problem. Let me know when it is fixed. Thanks :)
  4. Same for me, plus the map is down. Appears to be broken :(
  5. Yeah kind of a bummer i was in the middle of building.
  6. its up now, oddly a firework appears to have been involved...
  7. smp8 is back up :)
  8. Haha ok thanks. :D
  9. I'm melting stuff lol YAY it's back! Thanks :D
  10. The map doesn't work when the server is down....but it's up again now :)
  11. ummmm it just crashed agaian. 0.O
  12. yep crashed; it let me in right after with a black screen (more red like when you're in lava, which scared me too) then really crashed.
  13. Ugh i just finished mining and was coming back to amp 8, got on and it crashed. :(
  14. I knew I shouldn't have dug through the bedrock into the block with 'Intel' written on it.
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  15. I have sent a message to AIkar/IcecreamCow Not sure if they are around right now though. Once they become available; they will restart it.
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  16. Thanks
  17. its done it again... Oh dear...
  18. Noooooo!!!!
  19. Can u guys please fix this?