SMP 7 not spawning anything

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  1. Spent about 10 min at my blaze spawner and not one blaze spawned. Could a admin please look into this and see if some one is AFK and maxed the server spawning rate please.


    Mean to say SMP 7 :oops:
  2. If so, then this is definitely getting out of hand. :s
  3. Back to working now. :)
  4. Spawners are unaffected by the mob cap thing (they are the problem :p)

    If a blaze spawner wasnt working, it would of been something else, maybe bad server lag

    7 has had some bag lag issues lately.
  5. Yeah, I read that before too but it sure seems to effect spawners too. Same with my cave spider spawners. been that way since all the servers were upgraded and the wild reset. The amount of people have always had a effect but it sure seem MUCH worse than before. :confused:

    Now it's only spawning about 7-10 blazes in 15 min. :mad: That's just crazy slow guys.

    There were 27 players on when I started and now 40. Least I work 2nd shift now so I'll miss most of the really busy times. :p
  6. I assure you players don't affect spawners

    The caps are hit easy.

    I've seen 400-600 mobs myself during times that was def over cap, and i've heard players say they've hit 1000+

    I'm not knocking your claim of having issues, just saying 2 unrelated issues...

    Maybe justin can chime in with any updates on the lag issues, as that is likely the culprit for this.
  7. That would be cool. It may be the effects of the 1.2.4 upgrade on both server and client. I can only imagine how much of a hit we'll take on 1.3! :eek:

    Wouldn't you know our internet was off at work tonight so since I had all the extra time on my hands (not doing paperwork) I played some single player offline on my laptop and it was Amazingly FAST and my skelly/zombi spawners were dropping mobs like crazy. :D
  8. I wouldn't say it was players affecting the amount of mobs to spawn at your spawner. I would say it's other spawners/grinders on the server that are working at the same time. Isn't it that if someone afk's at their grinder too long it builds up so much that it affects the mobs spawning in other areas in the wild? I'm not sure if this is right, but it's what I remember reading somewhere :p

    Also, I just noticed you put SPM instead of SMP in the title :p
  9. The spawners will keep churning out mobs if someone is nearby, even if mob limits are reached; but the mobs that ordinarily would spawn at night-time (or in darkness) are adversely affected instead. At least that is my understanding of it...
  10. Ah I see! That would make sense then :)
  11. Hopefully with the Bukkit team now working with Mojang multi-player will start to become more refined.
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