SMP-7 Hauptstadt

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  1. Hello, I'm Minilimousine and I've been working on a Medieval city on SMP 7 Frontier named Hauptstadt. It will be the Capital city of a larger nation building project I'm planning which will encompass much of the continent the city resides on and will be called The Heiligesreich (Holy Empire). This project is heavily inspired by the Holy Roman Empire/Medieval Germany.

    The city is about a third done in terms of exteriors and is extremely lacking in interiors, but I'm working on that slowly.

    A few major projects are about to begin, namely: The Cathedral of Saint Michael, The Hospital of the Order of Saint Jason, Hauptstadt University, and the rest of the Imperial Palace as well as Schiffbauerdorf, a small overflow village outside the walls of the Shipwrights Quarter.

    Special thanks to:
    Xyzevq/_Susu_ for donating a frankly insane quantity of stone whenever asked.
    Progryck for donating a large amount of rare stone types that are not found naturally in the region (diorite and andesite)as well as a large amount of clay and logs as well as buying a home in the new district.
    Coolwmodd for buying a home and showing the progress to his friends, danio and Internet_creator which was a decent boost in confidence.
    Lost_Gecko if I remember correctly the earliest supporter of the project, so early I forgot what you gave me, but I thank you for it nonetheless
  2. Looking Great! Minilimousine :D
  3. Very cool, I love both medieval and roman builds, so already a big fan of the build!
  4. Hello, me again.

    The shell of the newest project has been completed though the stained glass may change.
    There is still a lot of work to do on the inside, mostly learning how medieval hospitals operated and trying to replicate it with the space I have inside.
    The build is called The Hospital of the Order of Saint Jason which is this fictional religious nations equivalent to the Knights Hospitaller of our world.
    The Hospital is based off of the Hospital of St. Cross however I realized halfway through was probably not actually a hospital.

    The Build so far:

    The Hospital of St. Cross
  5. Looks really nice!

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